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Taiwan: Typical Terms and Benefits

Full Time Consultants or Qualified Teacher

  1. $50,000~$80,000 NT per month (depending on how many hours you work and your qualifications)
  2. Accommodation assistance.
  3. Bonuses (vary according to each school’s terms).
  4. Working week: Monday~Friday, although some cram schools require half-day on Saturdays.
  5. Working hours: 40/week (max teaching hours/day would be 6, additional office hours may be required)
  6. Chinese staff assistance. (Please note that your boss may or may not speak English with fluency you expect)
  7. Airport pickup assistance.
  8. Contract period: One-year.
  9. Work permit & alien resident certificate (ARC) sponsorship.
  10. National health insurance sponsorship from your school. It would only cost you $5 USD to get your teeth cleaned!
  11. Paid national holidays for salaried positions.

*Please note current exchange rate is approximately $30 NT to $1 USD.

Age of Students

Whether you are teaching at a cram school or public school, teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) in Taiwan usually caters to young learners 3~14 years old. Of course, the age of the children you teach can be modified according to your preferences (not everyone is suitable to teach kindergarten!). Be aware though, that jobs teaching older students and/or adults are not nearly as prevalent. Also, expect to encounter students ranging from rudimentary to advanced understanding of English.

Usual Duties

  • For a full-time, salaried position, expect an 8-hour work day, divided into teaching and admin work.  Typical Workday
  • While your school typically has a set curriculum for you to follow, you still need to prepare your own lessons, grade papers, and write communication books.
  • Your main goal is to help your students learn conversational English and improve their confidence to speak a foreign language fluently.
  • Other duties: If you have your own classroom, you probably will be responsible for decorating the room. You may also need to attend PTA meetings, and to create Christmas or graduation performances. Fun!
  • Other likely functions: Halloween party, PTA, Christmas play, speech contest, spelling bee, and graduation show, just to name a few. These are also important in your students' learning.

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