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I saw your website and would appreciate if you could give me some advice...
- What is the main difference in teaching in a public or private school in Taiwan?
- When do the school terms generally begin?  When is it best to apply?
- Will the accommodation be provided?  
- How many holidays are given in public and private schools?
- What does the salary range from?
- Is there a great demand for TEFL teachers at the moment?
- Is there a large expat community in Taiwan?


1. You would need to be a licensed teacher in order to teach at public school
2. School year starts beginning of September, which means you need to arrive mid- to late- August
3. Usually no, but it depends on the school
4. It depends on the school. Typically schools in small towns will provide some sort of subsidy
5. 45000-70000NT/month
6. YES! Especially female teachers
7. I am not sure what is "large" to you. Please explain what you would consider large. There are foreigners in Taiwan scattered throughout the island, but if you are wondering if this place is multicultural like London, then the answer is no.

We hope this answers your questions!

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