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Taiwan Typical Monthly Expense Breakdown

Monthly Rent (dependent on location)

- Typical studio or one-bedroom apartment: NT$7,000 - 18,000
- Suite room with basic furniture: NT$4,500 - 12,000
- Two bedroom apartment: NT$15,000 - 30,000
- Two month’s  deposit required upfront

Monthly Utility (typically not included in rent)

- Electricity, water and gas per person: around NT$1,000 - NT$1,500

Other Monthly Expense

- Cell phone: NT$400 - 3,000 (prepaid card or monthly plan)
- Land line: NT$100 (additional installation fee NT$3,000)
- ADSL: NT$600(additional installation fee NT$2,000)
- Cable TV: NT$500 (additional installation fee NT$2,000


- American-style fast food: NT$ 100 – 170
- Can of Coke: NT$ 18
- Bottle of water: NT$ 20
- Loaf of bread: NT$ 40

Transportation (Taipei)

- Bus: NT$ 15
- MRT: NT$ 20 - 80
- Taxi: NT$ 70 and NT$ 5 per additional km

NON-PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Most people get around in Taiwan on scooters. A used but still nice scooter costs about 15,000-20,000NT. Scooters are by far the easiest method to get around in Taiwan. It is easy to drive around, not hard to park and simple to maintain. Of course, bicycles can be used throughout the year as well.

SETTING UP: You should bring around 2000USD with you as your set-up fee, because you will need to cover all your possible expenses in the first month. In Taiwan, you will not get paid for the work you did the first month until the following month. For example, if you arrive on January 1, you will receive your first pay check February 10, for the work you did in the month of January

TAX: Also, just to let you know, the tax withholding rule is 18%, which means you will get 18% of your income taxed for the 1st half of the year, every year. The main thing is to know that you will be taxed heavily initially, but will also be able to get a chunky tax refund check. You can learn more about Taiwan’s taxes when you log into our site here: http://www.asianconsultants.com/taiwan-tax-rules/

For further details on Taiwan, check out http://www.asianconsultants.com/tw-in-depth/