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Taiwanese believe in burning tribute money to gods who bless them
In Taiwan, the main religions are Confucianism (which is generally considered more of a philosophy or belief system than a religion, although there are Confucian temples), Taoism and Buddhism. However, all people here can enjoy religious freedom and practice any of the major faiths. The Government Information Office website has a thorough explanation of the various religions practiced in Taiwan.

Below are helpful contacts for various faiths...


Basically all denominations of Christianity are represented to varying degrees in Taiwan and it’s easy to find a place and community to worship with. If you’re a Christian and looking for a church in your area of Taiwan which has services in English the following website will be useful:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints:

Mormons can find meetings in Taiwan at this link: www.mormon.org/question/worship/1,8578,4105-1-TAIWAN,00.html


Those of the Jewish faith can contact the Taiwan Jewish Community Centre for more information.
Address: No. 37, Lane 315, Shihpai Rd, Sec. 2, Shihpai, Taipei City
Tel: 886-2-2874-2763
Fax 886-2-2395-2898
Email: dshapiro@ficnet.net
Pres: Don Shapiro


A small number of Muslims traveled to Taiwan with the government forces in 1949, and set up centers of worship. Mosques are not abundant in Taiwan, but Taipei and Kaohsiung both have one. The following website offers contact information and a directory of places to find Halal food. http://www.ntut.edu.tw/~wwwoaa/Gambia/taipei.htm

Museum of World Religions:

The Museum of World Religions is the first museum in Taiwan to focus exclusively on the religions of mankind. Through its extensive collection and research, it aims to increase communication and understanding between religions.

Address: 7th Floor, No. 236, Chungshan Road, Sec. 1, Yungho City, Taipei County.
Tel: (02) 8231-6699
Website: www.mwr.org.tw

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