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Other Jobs Offered by ACI

Asian Consultants also offers various jobs around Taiwan such as coaching, editing, voice-over, modeling and acting jobs for foreign adults and children. Contact ACI to inquire more; APPLY NOW!


Sub Location: Danshui, New Taipei City - Job Code: [251TKJS0826]

Sub needed at a beautiful and famous junior/senior high school in Danshui, New Taipei City. Near MRT, easy to reach! Start date: 08/30, for 2 weeks to 6 weeks. Working hours: 0830-0530pm, M-F. Teaching hours: no more than 25/wk. 600/hour. Those with APRC status and/or teaching credentials will be first considered. Full curriculum and lesson plan, mostly working on students’ speaking and listening skills. Could potentially turn into a full time position!

Apply Now


Technical Writers/Consultants

ACI is seeking consultant(s) to write manuals for other high tech companies. ASAP start.

Candidate preference:

  1. Background in technical or manual writing
  2. Background in IT sector
  3. Work experience in EE or high tech company
  4. Native speaker of English (ABC, Indian, Filipino also OK)
  5. APRC/JVRC holders preferred

Tech writer needed for special short-term project in Zhongli City, working from Client’s site during regular business hours.

  • Location: Zhongli City, 45 min. away from Taipei City
  • Length of project: 1 to 1.5 months
  • Start date: ASAP
  • Housing or travel stipend: Available
  • Pay: Negotiable

No Chinese ability needed.

To apply please send us:

  1. Your professional resume
  2. A sampling of your past work in related field

Our email:hr@asianconsultants.com.

Subject of email should read “TECHWRIT-FirstName-LastName”

ACI has consultant needs like this one, plus more, so be sure to also let us know your availability and apply ASAP.


Coach for Global Enterprise Senior Executive

ASAP: Seeking qualified coach for a top-level manager at a very famous large corporation.

Job duty: English Presentation Skills Set.

Coach a Head of Local Corporation to become more effective at presentations.

Job requirement: High comprehension to current economic trends, and business markets. Corporate management background. Strong references from recent past employers. Excellent communication and personal coaching skills (please also provide past coachee recommendations). Coaching certification a big plus.

Apply Now! Please email us following in full in one email:

1. Available times,

2. Resume detailing your experience (and length) in coaching/teaching and working for enterprises,

3. Lowest expected salary,

4. Sample coaching lesson for person who has:

a. High-intermediate English skills

b. Constant need to communicate in English with other executives all over the world (Oral/written),

c. Good presentation skills that needs to become excellent, especially in English (Also support in creating effective power point presentations),

d. Presenting audience that are also other executives, either peers or higher level.

Special job with great pay, but high demand and pressure!  

2 hrs/week, initial 12 week long contract with contingency to extend. If trainer does well, company has other career and project opportunities for him/her also. Expect tough competition for the job.

Female with high-level executive experience preferred. 


Online English Teachers Needed (Taipei)

Asian Consultants International is currently seeking for AT LEAST FOUR qualified Adult/Business English Teachers for an online language learning company.

  • Conveniently located next to Minquan West Road MRT
  • Great part time job to make extra income!

Online English Teaching is getting HUGE! A rapidly growing company is currently seeking at least 4 teachers who are experienced in teaching Conversation English, Business English, and/or TOEIC to adult students.

Sample Topics:

-      Talk about your favorite movie

-      Taipei Night Market Tour

-      How to handle customer complaining

-      Teleconference simulation

Students age:  Adults

Level: Basic, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, and Upper Intermediate

Class size: small, probably 3-7 students per "virtual" class

Pay: 600/hour

Hours: couple nights/week, 3.5 hours/week (Please choose hours between 7pm to 11pm) 

Curriculum: Basic syllabus provided


Payment: Cash from ACI


  1. Some Chinese ability is preferred, but not required
  2. Lively, charismatic and engaging in front of camera
  3. Good, clear, energetic speaking voice and tone
  4. Responsible work ethics
  5. Keenly interested in cultural exchanges
  6. Adaptable, flexible and agile
  7. Able to assist with curriculum planning and lesson writing

To apply, please send us your resume detailing your relevant experience and a couple of recent photos: hr@asianconsultants.com. Please note in the subject line “Online Teacher.”

In the email, please also let us know your available shifts. For example, if you are only available Tuesday and Thursday nights, please indicate, “I am available to work on Tuesday, 7pm-10pm, Thursday night, 7pm-11pm.”

We will contact suitable teachers ASAP!


GEPT and Business English Trainers Needed

ACI is looking for qualified and experienced trainers for GEPT and Business English classes.

Hourly pay: 600-900/hour, depending on your experience, class level, class size, etc.

Working hours: yet to be determined, but they will be on part-time, project basis

Teachers who have created their own curricula and have corporate environment working experiences are preferred.

If you are interested, please click here to see how to apply.

We will also need you to write a short summary of why you are suitable for the trainer position.


Children models needed

Got a cute son/daughter who is just a ham in front of camera? Many Taiwanese companies need western-faced children from newborn to 10 years old to model!

Modeling has lots of benefits

Besides creating special memories, being a model also has other benefits to your baby. It is a great way to build:

  1. Self-confidence
  2. Responsibility
  3. Positive self-image
  4. People skills
  5. Personal finance

Sure, part-time modeling does not seem like much income, but it’s money you can stash away, perhaps even for your child’s college fund. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to tell your son or daughter that they had earned part of their own tuition?!

Also, some kids will shoot for number of years, which means the money will accumulate to an

“What about all the horror stories I would hear?”

- Contracts and privacy:

Don’t worry, your son/daughter would be only working with the most reputable and well-known companies in Taiwan. The photos would belong to whomever you shoot with and would not be released to anyone else. Besides, you can always say “no” to a job that you don’t feel comfortable to commit.

- Time engagement:

It’s actually not as time-consuming or tiresome as you would think! Each shoot is usually no more than 2-3 hours at a time, and mainly, the companies will shoot only twice a year as the photos are for their seasonal catalogs.

Busy times are once during Dec/Jan, and another time during June/July. So, it’s not like you would be running around to castings all the time, and the shoot should not be a major distraction to your normal day-to-day life.

Doing catalog modeling is very different than being a child actor; it is only part-time with minimum commitment. It should not be a big disturbance to your family. Obviously, some kids will enjoy it more than others will, but ultimately, we feel that the parents would have the final say in amount of workload.

Sampling of companies:

Les Enphants  http://www.enphants.com.tw/

Lovely World  http://www.lovelyworld.com.tw/

Chick http://www.chick.com.tw/

Best Pals http://site.yihdah.com.tw/

So would your precious little one(s) be a suitable model?

Modeling is not always a piece of cake. It can tough, demanding work for you and your child, and involves dealing with tight schedules, rejection and impatient art directors. The child should possess these qualities:

- Happy and friendly in disposition

- Patient

- Easy going

- Comfortable in front of strangers

- Able to take simple directions

- Well-behaved (If your child is hyper active or ill mannered, it does not matter how adorable he or she is, this is not the business for them)

We are currently meeting with kids and parents who would be interested in pursuing modeling. If you know of other moms and dads who would be interested, please kindly let us know as well!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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