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Mail & Addresses

Post Offices:

Sending letters
Post boxes are conveniently placed throughout Taiwan. Each post box is in fact a pair of boxes, red and green. Red boxes are for airmail (left-hand slot) and prompt delivery mail (right-hand slot). Green boxes are for local; the right-hand slot is for mail within the city, the left-hand slot is for outside the city.

Envelopes can be purchased at bookstores or at the post office (but sometimes it is easier at bookstores). Best bet for purchasing stamps is at the post office, where you can also find the right amount for your parcels.

Be careful with packaging of parcels or other items larger than letters. Depending on which country you are sending parcels, you may have to use regulation unmarked brown cardboard boxes and not those recycled from shopping; check with the post office before packing boxes to send home.

Taiwan's post system is reasonably priced and efficient. For postal pricing information please see the Chunghwa Post website: www.post.gov.tw

Addresses in Taiwan are written pretty systematically, but the opposite order of English. For example, the address:

 No. 116-4, Section 1, Wenchuan Road, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan

In Chinese, it would be written in this order:

 Taiwan, Taipei City, Beitou District, Wenchaun Road, Section 1, No. 116-4

Taiwan has many differentiations for roads, streets and alleys; use this table as a guide (from biggest to smallest). We also include the characters for City and County for extra clarity.

   English Guide   

A typical address in Taipei County:

 Chinese: 220台北縣板橋市三民路2段正泰5巷4號3樓

 English: 3rd Floor, Number 4, ZhengTai 5th Lane, Section 2,
 SanMing Road, BanCiao City, Taipei County 220.

At first glance the organization of streets may seem chaotic but once you understand how the city is split up, it is manageable. The order in Taiwan is big to small. Here is an example of a full address:

Min Sheng East Road, Section 2, Lane 137, Alley 56, No.9-6, 4 Floor.

The main roads in a city usually run either east/west or north/south; then they are divided into sections. At each section (about 3-6 blocks) the street numbers start again.

The lane number is the same as the street’s building numbers. For example, Lane 137 is the lane closest to building number 137 on Min Sheng East Rd. To find the alley, look for the same number on the lane. For example, Alley 56 stems from building number 56 on the lane.

For the No. 9-6, 9 is the building number, and the 6 is the apartment number. A lot of places just have the building number and the floor.

Note: Some street names change, even though the physical street is the same. You may be driving along Chung Shan Rd only to find that it has suddenly turned into Ching Ping Rd!

Typical sight: mail boxes crowd on the wall of a residential buildingCarry your Address in Chinese?
Always carry your Chinese home address in your wallet. Just in case you get lost, you can always show it to a cab driver or friendly pedestrian. It also helps if you need to register at doctors, or fill out any forms with address segments, or if you want to have something delivered to your house. Just hand over your address and have whoever you are dealing with write it in Chinese on the form for you.

To get your address in Chinese ask your landlord, neighbor or security guard to write it. Failing that, it will also be on your utilities bills. 


Receiving Mail
If you are wondering how your Mom can send you mail without writing your Chinese address, wonder no more. If she writes your English address, the mail will still reach you. The same goes for sending mail to friends and family overseas. Just write the addresses in English and it will get there.

For sending larger parcels home you can chose between a variety of carriers, depending on your budget and urgency. Check out the links below for more information:

The links below are for some sea and air cargo websites that operate in Taiwan.
www.modernexp.com.tw | Modern Express International Inc.
www.shipmentlink.com | ShipmentLink Shipping & Transport
www.far.com.tw/inter_e.htm | Y.W.C.H. International Mover
DHL | Taiwan
FedEx | Taiwan


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