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Learning Chinese (Mandarin)

For many people, Taiwan represents a great chance to study Mandarin or many other aspects of Chinese culture. If you are really serious about learning Chinese, you should probably not teach more than 20 hours a week and expect your Chinese Learning to take 10-15 hours a week in the classroom and 10 more out of class. If you just want to get by a little more easily and impress the family when they come to visit, studying by yourself or doing a casual language exchange should do the trick.

ACI has a select list of experienced and professional Chinese Language instructors that we help pair with foreigners willing to learn Chinese (Mandarin). Contact us today for an excellent private Chinese language tutor referral.

Here's a list of organizations who teach foreigners Chinese.

Taipei Language Institute

  • Taipei: 50 Roosevelt Road, Sec. 3, 4F, Tel: (02) 2367-8228, (02) 2367-2112
  • Taipei (Shih Lin): Shih Dong Road, 328, Tienmu, Tel: (02) 2832-7330
  • Taichung: No.28-5, 8F, Tai Ping Road, North Area, Tel: (04) 2225-4681
  • Kaohsiung: Chung Shan 2nd Road, 507, 2F, Tel: (07) 215-2965

Mandarin Daily News Language Center

  • 2 Fu Chow Street, 2nd Floor, Taipei, Taiwan: (02) 2391-5134

Pioneer Language Center

  • 200 Hoping East Road, Section 1, 6th Floor, Taipei, Taiwan: (02) 2363-3535

Perfect Language Center

  • Wu Chung Street, #1–2, Section 1, 4th Floor, Taipei, Taiwan: (02) 2312-0632

University Programs

National Taiwan Normal University
Center for Chinese Language and Culture Studies
162 Hoping East Road, Sec. 1, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
Email mtc@mtc.ntnu.edu.tw | Tel: (02) 2321-8457 | Tel: (02) 2391-4248 | Fax: (02) 2341-8431

National Taiwan University
International Chinese Language Program (ICLP)
P.O. Box 13-204,Taipei,106.Taiwan
Tel: (02) 2363-9123 | Fax: (02) 2362-6926

Chinese Culture University
Mandarin Learning Center
231, Sec.2, Chien-Kuo S. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: (02) 2700-5858

Fu Ren Catholic University
510 Chungcheng Rd., Hsinchuang 24205,Taipei
Tel: (02) 2905-2414 | Tel: (02) 2905-3721 | E-Mail: flcg1013@mails.fju.edu.tw
Fax: (02) 2905-2166

National Chengchi (Political Science) University
Mandarin Studies Program Center of International Education & Exchange
64, ZhiNan Road, Sec. 2 Wenshan District, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2938-7141 ext 2 | Fax: (02) 2939-6353

Taichung Feng Chia University Language Center, Chinese Division
2nd Administration Building, 4F, No. 100 Wenhwa Rd. Seatwen, Taichung
Tel: (04) 2451-7250 ext 5873, 5876 | Fax: (04) 2451-0243 | E-mail: clc@fcu.edu.tw

Providence University Chinese Language Center (Taichung)
No. 200, Chungchi Rd., Shalu, Taichung County
Tel: (04) 2664-5009 | Fax: (04) 2633-0340 | E-mail: clhuang@pu.edu.tw

Tunghai University Chinese Language Center (Taichung)
181, Taijunggang Rd, Sec.3
Tel: (04) 2359-0259 | Fax: (04) 2359-4408 | E-mail: clc@thu.edu.tw


Besides these, you can take Mandarin lessons at many other cities in Taiwan. For a complete list of university programs, try the Taiwan Ministry of Education Official website.

Language Exchanges

Language exchanges (your English instruction for a Taiwanese person’s Mandarin instruction), with co-workers, university students, and other Taiwanese friends, are also popular. Besides the cost, other benefits include: the opportunity to cultivate new friendships and constant “real life” speaking opportunities. The only downside is that since you don’t pay and you don’t have a formal testing system, it is easy to be lazy with language exchanges. You can easily pick up a language exchange just about anywhere in Taiwan.

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