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Location: SW New Taipei City  [237USAF0611]

Work in a beautiful upscale suburb that is green and pretty, in nice part of New Taipei City, but still easy and convenient to get around! About 40 min. bus ride to Taipei Main Station.

Pay: around 60000-65000/month, depending on numbers of classes taught. Working hours:  9am-4pm, M-F (30 min. arrival prior to start of class is required), and/or 430-610pm, max 4 days/wk (elementary class). Students’ age: 3 to 12 years old. Class size: No more than 18, with Chinese staff assistance. Contract length: One year. The school has a beautiful large and spacious facility, and provides set curriculum, initial and on-going training, ARC, insurance, airport pick up, and housing assistance. One awesome head foreign teacher and 9 happy foreign teachers, cool Chinese staff on board. Three branches strong total. You will be teaching Yo-Yo/K1 class (age 2-3), so love and patience definitely required.  FIRST-TIME TEACHER OK ALSO! Start date:ASAP Start.  Apply Now


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