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LOCATION: New Taipei City, Orange line [241KCSCF0417 ]

Full time job! Work at the flagship branch for one of most successful chain schools in Taiwan/China, located near MRT in New Taipei City.
Attraction areas, like Taipei Main Station, Ximen, Banqiao, are only 10-15 minutes away. Lively and fun individuals who are excited to teach young learners needed ASAP! Those who with dance/drama/gymnastic background: big plus. Must be able to work well in a team consisting of foreign and local teachers.

Monthly teaching hours: 90. Office hours: 45. Monthly salary: 56500-59000NT (with various bonuses). If you teach more than 90 hrs/month, which is VERY LIKELY, you will get paid EXTRA! So, total monthly earning is likely to be 60000-65000/month. But, there is more....Performance based raises: available semiannually. Re-sign bonus: available. Paid additional hours: available. Holidays: 10 Paid national holidays/yr, up to 14 Unpaid personal holidays/year (WOW!).

Students’ age: 3 to 12 years old (mostly younger aged). Saturday work: half-day likely, depending on schedule. Training: Provided. Curriculum and books: Provided. ARC/Insurance: Sponsored. Chinese co-teacher assistance: yes.  20+ foreign teachers on board, very friendly and upbeat environment, great management as well! ASAP START! Apply Now

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