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Location: Taoyuan [320AEGF0628]

Beautiful&Spacious Campus. Great pay, lots of bonus, set curriculum, and accommodating staff...what more can you ask for?! Teachers stay on average 2-5 years! Near Taipei. Full time. ASAP Start!

Students' age: Elementary to Junior high. Salary: Monthly Salary: around 58000-60000/month. 20Hr/week. Working Hours:11am-8pm(or11:30am-8:30pm). M-F. 10-020 students/class. Sat. 8:30am-12:30pm(Junior high) Extra Hour with Extra Pay! 700NT/hr!

Contract length:1 yr. Contract completion bonus: 30000NT.Attendane bonus 2000NT/M. End of Semester Bonus: 6000NT. Work permit & ARC available. Full curriculum. ASAP Start!  Apply Now  

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