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English Education Projects (FOR CHINA)

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Please note that for projects in major cities, additional in-person interview may be required.


Location: Chongqing [OWCQ]

Over 20 Needed for Best Place to Work in Chongqing! ASAP and 2013 start

----------------  Exciting Location  -------------------------------------
•  Chongqing is a modern city with more than 3,000 years history. 
•  Chongqing is fourth municipality after Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin in China. 
•  Chongqing has the largest area and population among these four municipalities in China. 
•  Chongqing has an area of 82,400 square kilometers and it could be divided into 40 subdivisions. 
•  The annual average temperature in Chongqing is 18°C. 
•  There are numerous ethnic groups residing in Chongqing, including Miao, Han and Tibetan. Large expat community as well.
•  Known as a "Mountain City", Chongqing was constructed on the mountain slopes and along the riversides. It has a long history and numerous scenic spots and historic sites.
----------------  About the school  --------------------------------------
10 branches strong in Chongqing with 90 foreign teachers on staff
Also with satellite branches in Kunming and Chengdu
Students’ age: mostly 5 to 12, but expect some classes with slightly younger or older students, up to 16 years old
----------------  Qualification  --------------------------------------------
Native speakers from US, CAN, UK, or AUS
Age: 22 to 40 years old
4 year university graduate
TESOL/TEFL preferred
Some teaching experience preferred but not required
Lively, energetic, and children loving
Able to sign at least one year contract
Adaptable and ready to embrace challenges and new culture
----------------  Terms and Benefits  ------------------------------------
Working hours: 80/mo, with two days off each week (either Mo/Tu, or Tu/We)
Visa: Z visa and foreign expert license
Pay: 8500RMB/month
Housing: 1000RMB/month subsidized
Year-end bonus: 4000RMB
Working with young learners
Class size: 14/class, or private one-on-one
Insurance: Medical and accident sponsored
Facility: upscale classrooms with smart boards and internet access
Training: initial observation and curriculum training provided
Lots of other foreign teachers as well as management for support

Many Needed for Best Place to Work in Chongqing!
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[WHND] Tons of Positions to Choose From!

MANY QUALIFIED TEACHERS NEEDED at a very popular and successful large chain of upscale English learning institutes ASAP! This chain has been expanding because it is recognized as one of the best providers of English Education Service in China.

  • Students’ age: Centers catering to Kids, Adults, Business English are all available.
  • Number of Centers: More than 40 centers all over China, headquarter in Wuhan.
  • Positions available in: Hefei, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shijiazhuang, Dalian, Xiangyang, Taiyuan City, Chengdu, Suzhou, and Ningbo.
  • Working hours: 25 hours per week
  • Salary: 6000RMB-12000RMB (negotiable, varies according to the level of the city and the qualification of applicant.)
  • Airfare: 6000RMB once contract is completed.
  • Housing allowance: 1300-4000RMB/month (depending on cities)
  • Curricula: Using multidimensional learning system, this chain utilizes multimedia courses, private classes, salon classes and complementary classes to help its students improve in an easy way. They also provide talk club, which consists of Online Spoken English, English Corner and Activities, to help the students gain a functional grasp of oral English.
  • Addtional Benefits:
    • 11 days Chinese statutory holiday
    • 5 days annual leave (paid) after completing the contract.
    • 2 paid sick days (provide doctor's note)
    • Assistance with visa, foreign expert certificate, and residence permit (all teachers will work LEGALLY)
    • Systemized teaching training
    • Small class sizes

Qualifications for Applicants:

  • Native English speakers (USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia or NZ)
  • Bachlor degree (or diploma)
  • Over the age of 23
  • TESOL/TEFL Certification (Neither are essential)
  • EFL classroom experience is preferred, but not essential.
  • Positive attitude, reliable, independent and be able to work under a dynamic environment.
  • Highly-motivated with pleasant personality

The center has a Western core value that centers on teamwork and customer satisfaction. With its vision to be the best language training school in China, the future is shining bright. 


Shanghai: 30 Teachers for Top Education Group [LWSH] 

Very well known and respected international curriculum developer/language training group located in bustling Shanghai City seeks many qualified instructors. Make a difference through education, experience the most dazzling city in the world, and become a member of the fastest growing English Language education group in China. QUALIFIED EDUCATORS NEEDED YEAR-ROUND!

  • Native English speaker as recognized by the Shanghai Education Bureau
  • 4-year Bachelors Degree from a recognized university or college
  • Two years full-time teaching experience after graduation
  • TEFL an added PLUS
  • Clean Police record
  • Able to pass a physical exam administered in Shanghai by the local health bureau
  • Passport with a minimum of 18 months before expiration date
  • Energetic and self motivated team players who love to work with children
  • Willing to work on weekends

Terms and Benefits:

1. Competitive salary: 12,000-13,500 RMB.

2. Contract ending bonus: 5000 RMB.

3. FREE health insurance.

4. State of the art facilities using latest technologies like interactive Whiteboards

5. Training workshops from world famous curriculum provider

6. Z visa and expert certificate

7. Relocation and Accommodation assistance

8. Paid public holidays + 5 days paid vacation

9. Opportunities for career advancement

10. Working hours:

a. 156 hrs/m total (69 Teaching, 86 Admin)

b. 5 days/wk (maybe 6 days/wk during summer and winter camps)

c. 2 days offer per week (may or may not be consecutive)

d. Weekend full day work required

e. Work Evenings

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Photos of Shanghai



Dongying: Career Opportunity AND Save $$$

Save Money While Seeing China and Work for Reputable Large Chain School! NEED 5 TEACHERS, FALL 2012

  • Free Chinese Lessons
  • Extremely handsome pay
  • Almost one-month paid holidays (so you can explore China!)
  • Training provided
  • Over 40 foreign coworkers for rapport
  • Totally organized and legit environment


  1. 12-month contract. 
  2. 9500-11000 RMB/month net salary, at least THREE TIMES MORE than most professionals in the area! MOST OF YOUR PAYCHECK CAN BE EASILY SAVED!!!
  3. Accommodation assistance. 
  4. One-way air ticket reimbursed (up to 4200RMB). 
  5. 22 paid holidays. 
  6. Up to 15 days unpaid leave during the summer holiday.
  7. Financial assistance for new teachers available. 
  8. Medical insurance provided. 
  9. Two-hours free Chinese lessons per week. 
  10. Contract completion bonus 1st year: 5000RMB, 2nd year: 8000RMB.
  11. Work visa, residence permit, and expert certificate provided. 
  12. Placement at a rapidly developing city. 
  13. Very inexpensive cost of living. 
  14. Fun expat community. 
  15. Central location from which to travel to many must-visit sights. 
  16. A very short working week. 
  17. Class retention bonuses.
  18. Over 40 foreign teachers working for the company already.

Location: Dongying City, Shandong Province (http://www.dongying.gov.cn/eng/en_index.html). 


  • Native speakers from one of the six English-speaking countries
  • Age: between 30 to 50
  • University degree
  • TEFL/TESOL certificate
  • Independent, adaptable, but enjoys working with people and children

*Special position available : ACADEMIC DIRECTOR. Additional requirements:

  • Have at least five years teaching experience
  • Have an actual academic manager or senior teacher experience of curriculum development and new teachers training program. 
  • Expertise in teaching young-aged students from 3-15 years old.

Teacher reference: “The time that we spent at [the school] was very valuable, their teacher training is VERY good, their welfare support for the foreign teachers daily needs is excellent.  The job is quite demanding, but the salary is good and there are many bonuses during the year.  They really look after their teachers.... weekend "outings" for sightseeing, foreign teachers social dinners.  Even though they demand a lot of their teachers, they also give a lot. No regrets. You can really recommend [this school] to new-comers in China, it's a great experience.”-Sasha and Barry

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New Teacher Welcome Party




Chengdu: One of Best Cities to Live in China, Work for Foreign-Managed Establishment (30 openings)

Love working with young learners?

Excellent job opportunity if you want to experience China AND work for honest company! Steady Monday to Friday work hours (lots of opportunity for weekend travel)!!

Full-time ESL Teachers (ASAP)
Pay: 7000-9000 RMB/month (25 contact hrs/week, 0-5 office hours)

- Absolutely no weekend work.
- 6000 - 9000 Yuan at the end of the year to help defray travel expenses.
- All FULLY LEGAL visas, foreign experts certificate, residence permit etc.
- Private accommodation complete with all basic living necessities.
- 7 weeks paid vacation per year
- A highly organized and professional teaching curriculum
- Work with very adorable young learners 2 to 7 years old
- Staff of over 30 foreign teachers, many staying 2, 3, or 5 years
- All 28 campuses in Chengdu area 


* Applicants from USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa only 
* University degree in any subject 

* MUST have at least 2-3 years full-time work experience in any profession but preferably teaching after graduation
* Some experience with kids and preferably teaching preschool and kindergarten age
* Lively and cheerful personality
* Professional work ethic
* Responsible and safety conscious
* Loves children
* Willing to learn
* No criminal record or outstanding warrants for arrest 

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