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Entertainment in Taiwan

Karaoke (KTV):

Karaoke is called KTV in Taiwan. It is one of the most popular weekend past times for the locals, and lots of Westerners get hooked too. In large KTV establishments you book a room for you and your friends that has a large TV, a song selection machine and a few microphones. Look through the song menu and enter your selections. The TV plays your musical selections with subtitles while you sing along. Once you get over your initial embarrassment, it is surprisingly fun. A couple of big KTV chains with the largest selection of English songs are Holiday KTV and Party World.


There are basically two types of theatres in Taiwan. The major theatres host all the new releases, and usually run any one movie for about three weeks. Most of the Hollywood flicks make it here. Tickets are usually around NT$250-280, depending on location. Then, there are the second-run theatres. These are usually smaller, and run a movie about a month after its initial release. They are cheaper, anything from NT$100-200 for a ticket. You can check screening times online or look in the Taipei Times or China Post newspapers. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are always busy and there can be long cues to buy tickets at popular cinemas. Best bet is to get your tickets in advance.

Pubs, Bars and Clubs:

Most cities in Taiwan have an active nightlife with a variety of pubs, bars and discos that cater for the clubbers. Many places stay open late, sometimes until around 5am. Drink prices are not cheap compared to many other things in Taiwan, and some clubs may have a $NT500-1000 cover charge for entry. Often after paying a cover charge you will be given a paper voucher that can be redeemed for one or two standard drinks at the bar. Check out http://waakao.com for all the happenings in Taiwan.

Shrimp Fishing:

You can pay to sit around an indoor concrete pool and catch shrimp that are already in captivity. You can cook and eat them there in many shrimp fishing establishments. It sounds a little stupid and it is but there is quite a lot of skill to it. The shrimps do taste good fresh, too. If you enjoy sitting still with a few beers and shooting the breeze this can be a good afternoon/evening.

Pool/Snooker Halls:

There are pool halls everywhere, they're reasonably priced and if they do not sell beer you can bring your own.

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