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Kind Words from Our Teachers


Karissa Greubel (Feb. 16, 2011)

From our Facebook Wall:

"ps I love, love, love the school that ACI helped me find, the staff is extremely helpful and the kids are great. You guys are the best!"


Rick Thornsley (Feb. 15, 2011)

Thanks for your time meeting with me.  If anything should develop please let me know.  I appreciate your companies and your personalprofessionalism.  Have a great day.



Tuey Burns (Feb. 14, 2011)

Asian Consultants International was super helpful from the start.
They not only provided me with multiple job opportunities, but they were also personally supportive.
They responded to my multiple questions with thorough detail, and they also were very kind people to be around, very generous with their time and knowledge. 

If you're looking for a job in Taiwan, I would most definately suggest going to ACI. They rocked my socks!



David Jensen (Jan. 25, 2011)

My experience with ACI has been really outstanding. I met with (the representative) and in less than a week she had set up several interviews for me. Within a week and a half I received and accepted an offer from a truly exceptional school that I really don’t think I could have ever found on my own. Also after helping me to find a job they have stayed in contact to make sure the position is working out for me and offer any advice or support that I might need. All the staff at ACI has been wonderful and very professional and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for an English teaching job in Taiwan. 



Jan Luksa (December 1, 2010)

I’d like to write a few lines about my experience dealing with Asian Consultants International.

I moved to Taiwan at the end of summer 2009 in order to start a new full-filling life with my fiancée. It was anything but an easy move for somebody coming from completely different country at fairly young age. It goes without saying that in order to succeed, I had to rely not only on my abilities but also on the goodwill of others.

If I remember correctly, I first ran across Asian Consultants’ website two months after my arrival in Taiwan. It immediately struck me as being very professional and well-designed. The only thing of note that was missing was the list of vacancies. Since I didn’t have strong qualifications at that time, I always considered getting assistance from Asian Consultants to be out of my reach. I submitted my application nevertheless and hoped that the agency would get in touch with me. They did but it was only in 2010 when I received a job recommendation from them. But what a good position that was! I’d get into adult teaching and online teaching for superior pay at a very convenient location thanks to Asian Consultants. I was very happy about that because it pretty much completed my schedule at the time. Furthermore, the staff at Asian Consultants, was very nice to me, she’d always answer all of my questions and reply to me way faster than I did to her. You would think that it’d all end there (as with other agencies, for example) but in fact my ‘cooperation’ with Asian Consultants only got better and better. I’d receive further two offers with very good working hours (afternoons + evenings which an owl like me loves), working conditions and, to top it all, a perfect location within a 3-minute walk from my home.

I must say that overall Asian Consultants are definitely the agency to choose if You’re looking for a teaching position in Taiwan, especially in Taipei. I believe they’re very popular and You must definitely prove Yourself but once You do, their positions on offer will easily beat those by others. Moreover, the agency always embraces new trends and new methods of hiring. Nowadays, it is so easy to get in touch with them as they’re on Facebook as well as Twitter and other sites. They also post the job vacancies there frequently, in my experience there’s always something new everyday. And if it’s not that perfect job You’re looking for, it will surely be a great video about the island of Taiwan or the breaking news that gets everybody in the region talking.

I thoroughly recommend using the services Asian Consultants International provide.

Written sincerely on the basis of actual experience. 



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