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Kind Words from Our Teachers


Nga Lai (June 8, 2011)

I had an unforgettable experience in Taiwan and both the school and recruiting agency helped me sail smoothly through the transition. I want to first begin with Asian consultant. Two of the most recognized workers that is responsible for the success is (its representatives). They were both punctual with their response and helped me through even the smallest details. There were many questions I had regarding the whole process from applying and living in Taiwan. (The company representative) was very fast and punctual with her work. She made sure my questions were answered thoroughly. In her emails she also added extra information and resources to better move me forward to the next stage. (Another representative) is also one of the employees at Asian consultant that can’t be missed. The interactions I’ve had with (him) has been nothing but pleasant. He is very good at making sure the agency has met all your needs as well as making you feel at home. For example, after my move and pre-departure he sends me emails to make sure I am doing well. His presence makes people feel at welcomed and at home.  It definitely helped eased any anxiety I had during the process. I went through a lot of recruiting agencies before applying to Asian consultant and they were the most effective at their job. In the near future if I decide to embark on another journey abroad I would definitely go through Asian Consultants again. In addition I have and will in the future recommend their services to people in need.



Cato Butler (May 5, 2011)

"Furthermore, I would like to commend your company and its employees on the professionalism and swiftness with which my application has been dealt with. Yours is the only company that has been consistent in replying to my emails, and I am never disappointed when I see an email from ACI in my inbox. This makes me very happy that I chose to work with you."


Lauren Mack (April 20, 2011)

I would like to thank you and ACI for your job placement services. It has been a pleasure working with ACI. ACI is committed to helping foreigners find great jobs in Taiwan. Since 2008, ACI has referred me to several job opportunities in Taipei including voice over work, English contest judging, and English teaching. Each job I have done through ACI has been professional, well paid, and fun. ACI helps insure that each job placement is not only great for the company but for the employee as well. If it weren’t for ACI, I would not have had the opportunity to have so many interesting work opportunities in Taipei.

I always recommend my friends and people I meet to ACI. Several of my friends have found wonderful jobs through ACI. The staff at ACI are professional, efficient and caring. I can’t thank ACI enough for helping my friends and me.



Andrew Young (April 15, 2011)

When I first arrived in Taiwan I contacted several agencies looking for work, but the only one of note was ACI. They contacted me quickly and had me at my first interview in a matter of days. The service has been top notch, from beginning to end, with continuing support well after I was placed. The team were always welcoming and friendly when I has any questions, even those not relating specifically to the job!

I never expected to find a recruitment agency that was not only efficient and professional but so nice too! (Its representatives are) great people and will offer you an unparalleled level of service. No hyperbole! No other recruiters I have dealt with are like this, in my experience, both in Korea and Taiwan. ACI WILL get you placed and do with it with a smile. You have found the recruiters you're looking for!



Karissa Greubel(Feb. 21,2011)

I had the pleasure of working with Asian Consultants International last fall. They were extremely professional and helped me find a great job in a short amount of time. My school is superb and my co-workers are very helpful.

They helped me with all of my paperwork and also helped arrange for someone to pick me up at the airport. Asian Consultants International has been nothing short of wonderful since my arrival in Taiwan as well. They have kept in touch with me and are always happy to hear updates from my experience.

I would recommend Asian Consultants International to anyone that is seeking a job in Taiwan, as they are the best.

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