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Kind Words from Our Teachers


George and Rachel Trimble (May 28, 2012)

"Thank you for your all the time and effort you put forth on our behalf.  We will recommend ACI to anyone we know interested in teaching overseas."


Jacob Sanabria (Oct. 28, 2011)

 I'd like to say a few words about my experience with ACI. I had done a lot of research before coming to Taiwan and heard some pretty nasty things about some agents and simply agents in general when teaching abroad, however I was really short on time as the new school semester in Taiwan was starting and I hadn't known this date beforehand. So I went with ACI, and 3 weeks later was my first day of work in Taiwan. ACI (and its representative) were extremely fast, knowledgeable, and immensely helpful to me. I always received extremely prompt email replies and had interviews for jobs lined up within a few days of first emailing (the representative). Every single piece of information I needed was either on ACI's website, or emailed to me with very clear instructions. I never would have imagined that in less than 3 weeks of contacting one person, I'd be working in Taiwan happily. The second thing I need to mention is that I am 100% happy with my school. I had heard that only bad schools need agents, however I could not imagine working in a better environment; my boss, directors, and coworkers are all very pleasant and my work hours are guaranteed so I never have to worry about money. Maybe I've just gotten extremely lucky; I have heard this from other foreigners here. However I just tell them that I don't feel it was luck, I feel that ACI matched me with a good school.    

Thanks again for everything  ACI :)




Paul Eatinger (Sept. 30, 2011)

"Everything is coming along great! Thank you for staying close in touch. I am wrapping many items up here in the US and am extremely busy. I will look at the web site you shared with me about the jobs. I am so glad to have found someone like you that's  on top of their game. Thanks again for being in touch. Your efforts are very much appreciated.  Make a great day for someone you appreciate."



Nichole Gray (Sept 9, 2011)

I just wanted to quickly share my experiences with ACI.  I contacted ACI when I was living in Florida.  My husband and I had already decided that we were going to attempt a move to Taiwan within the next few months.  We just wanted to make sure we secured employment before we left the country.  We got hooked up with ACI and (its representative) thru the internet and within a week of posting my information we had an interview lined up. 

The interview went really well and I had a contract received by email within a few days.  We were super excited.  ACI sent us a bunch of info on the best way to handle our visas, flights, housing and other arrangements so the transition was made easier.  The whole time we were in transit (its representative) kept in touch with us and responded to all of our email concerns within 24 hours or less.  That was very helpful especially when you are moving to a foreign country.

After working just a few days at my new position I encountered a problem with my scheduling.  I immediately contacted (the representative) via email to inform her.  I showed up at my job the next day and they greeted me with smiles.  They then informed me that (the representative) had been in touch with them on my behalf.  To my surprise they apologized to me and re-negotiated my contract on the spot to include more money and less hours. 

I cannot say enough good things about ACI and (its representative).  They were with me thru the entire process. From the interview all the way thru re-negotiating my contract they never left my side.  I highly recommend using ACI if you are considering a move to Taiwan.




Nichole Gray (Sept 5, 2012)

 I just finished talking to (the program manager) about my teaching contract and workload, and I have to thank you very much for your help.  (The program manager) helped renegotiate my current contract to include extra pay for the extra classes that I am teaching.  Thank you for taking my matter seriously and taking action on my behalf.  Yes, I do think there was some miscommunication and confusion that first week which led to my frustrations.  It feels good to know that the school cares about me and that you have my best interests at heart.  Thank you so much!