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Kind Words from Our Teachers


Mike Wilson (Nov 21, 2006)

My name is Mike Wilson and I’m from Calgary, Canada. I decided that after University and backpacking around the world I would fly to Taiwan to teach English.

I had the pleasure of working with (its representative from) ACI. Like most considering their first teaching job in Asia I was somewhat concerned due to the stories one hears about shady schools and dishonest recruiters. (Its representative) seemed too good to be true as she answered all my questions and stayed in touch with me continuously while I waited for my visa to arrive in the mail. When I finally landed in Taipei she not only had someone pick me up at the airport and drive me to my paid apartment in Taichung, but also placed me in a quality school with other foreign teachers for my comfort.

Unfortunately, the school turned out not to be a fit for me and I wanted to relocate to Taipei. It was at this point that I realized that (its representative) is not only someone great to work with but on a personal level, she is a fantastic person. Not only did she pick me up at the bus station, she found me a place to live, got me a new job, helped me buy a phone, gave me directions for everything of importance in Taipei, introduced me to other foreign teachers and helped me with whatever question I had. Most importantly, she never lost her patience. As you all will find out, Taiwan, and Asia in general is very difficult for someone who doesn’t speak the local language or understand the local customs. (Its representative) took the time to educate me on the food, where to go, and what to do. She really went above and beyond my expectations.

I enjoyed my time in Taiwan. It was challenging but very rewarding. I had a lot of fun, met some great people and came away with immeasurable memories and experiences. I think it’s very rare to say this but I would count (its representative) as more then just my recruiter but also my friend as she looked out for me when no one else did and helped me when no one else wanted to. It was difficult to leave Taiwan for many reasons when my contract was fulfilled and I will most certainly miss ((its representative's) guidance, friendship and infectious personality. I would recommend her without reservation.


Curtis G. (10/23/2006)

I can attest to my good fortune in finding Asian Consultants International, a company of the highest caliber of professionalism, honesty and integrity. (Its representative)went to great lengths to set up an interview with a school which was very keen on hiring me. The interview and demo lesson went well and the school offered me a great salary and free accommodation. Though I am extremely pleased that everything worked at well, I really appreciate that the school's offer was just as (its representative) said it would be. What I like best about my experience with Asian Consultants International, is that (its representative) was always friendly, honest, hard-working and professional with me!

In closing, I live in a modern and furnished apartment (provided by the school) in a very convenient part of the city of Chubei, Taiwan and my Chinese colleagues at my school are kind, gracious and are providing me all the support and courtesy, both professional and personal, that anyone could expect.

My experience with Asian Consultants International has been nothing but positive and beneficial!!

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