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Asian Consultants International

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"Partner with ACI has given me not only a stable revenue but has expanded my business scope as well." Mr. Shi, Local Service Partner in Shanghai, China.

ACI has expanded and is currently seeking associates in following areas:  

  1. Licensed Agents (Authorized Recruiters)
  2. Local Service Partner (Non-Recruiter Level)

ACI currently holds partnerships in:

  • China: Licensed Recruiter and Local Service Partner
  • Singapore: Licensed Recruiter and Local Service Partner
  • Taiwan: Local Service Partner  (Non-Recruiter Level)

ACI is looking for suitable agencies in:

  • Korea  (Licensed Recruiter)
  • Japan
  • Taiwan (Licensed Recruiter)

Why become local partner of ACI?

  1. Based in Eastern United States, we have a large and direct source to obtain top qualified educators from US and Canada!
  2. Authorization to use ACI's logo, email, website, and database in your home country. Receive complete IT and CRM support from ACI's professional IT department.
  3. Loyalty fee negotiable.

Interested? Please contact betty@asianconsultants.com 

"I am very happy abou this as many headaches have been saved. I have access to a database which has helped me to fulfill my client's needed faster." Mr. Jay, Licensed Recruiter Partner in Singapore (sg@asianconsultants.com).